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Campaign Goal:
Increase sales of Samsung’s latest version of the Galaxy/ Note smart phones and tablets


  • Engage consumers shopping at high end malls and entice them to enter our 30X30 footprint
  • Brand ambassadors provide detailed demonstrations highlighting newest features on smartphones and tablets
  • Feature a daily grand prize sweepstakes where 1 lucky winner earns a complimentary brand new Galaxy smartphone
  • Provide locations of participating retailers where products are able to be purchased
  • On-site tech support for existing Samsung smartphone/ tablet owners
  • Work in conjunction with local Samsung field specialists to expand market reach


  • Samsung saw a 38% bump up in market share from its previous quarter
  • Exposure during holiday season in affluent shopping venues opened consumer’s eyes to the fact that Samsung smartphones are on an equal playing field with Apple
  • Compiled over 100,000 data captures from consumers who took part in the live experience