Consumer Targeting


Mega delivers consumer clients the largest ad exchanges, with the ability to reach 300 million unique global visitors every month, including more than 150 million in the U.S. With site-level transparency and an open platform for providing data and real time bidding, we maximize selection and control on behalf of our advertisers. Leveraging first-and third-party audience data for advanced targeting is our area of specialization, and results can be closely monitored through our superior real-time reporting and analysis. Contact us today to find out how we can monetize your digital traffic via our proprietary technology.

Our experiential team conducts extensive research in order to clearly define the target market. We utilize information from a diverse client portfolio to yield strategies aimed towards engaging specific demographics. Detailed analytics are gathered to provide effective solutions that meet or exceed campaign goals. Mega’s extensive experience allows us to collect and then disseminate key learnings from the field for our clients. Being able to accurately identify the target demographic is imperative in laying the groundwork for a successful campaign. Let us pave the way for your direct-to- consumer marketing efforts.