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Campaign Goals:
Raise awareness of Amerigas propane to consumers attending NFL games and driving purchase at retail partners.


  • Establish partnerships with local media outlets in top 10 major metros where NFL teams play
  • Sponsorship of pre-game tailgates where Amerigas paid for a 20X20 footprint to set up on-site activation
  • Hire and train market managers and brand ambassadors
  • Weekly on-site raffle of custom Webber gas grill featuring home team emblem
  • Engagement with consumers tailgating prior to NFL games and distribution of coupons/ branded premiums
  • Generate consumer data captures for use in future email marketing campaigns


  • A total of 80 activations took place over the 10 markets during the course of the NFL season
  • Sales of Amerigas propane cylinders saw a 40% increase at retail partners 7-11, Home Depot and market specific supermarket chains
  • Amerigas decided to expand their sports marketing efforts into other areas including NASCAR sponsorship