Welcome to Mega

Strategic. Innovative. Comprehensive.

These are just a few words that describe our agencies work.

In today’s ultra competitive business world, marketing & advertising have never been so importing in crafting a successful brand or entity.
Mega provides a wealth of industry experience spanning multiple platforms to ensure measurable ROI.

Strategic Planning

Mega assists our clients in developing strategies to reach target audiences, influence opinions and drive results that are crucial to
the success of their brand or entity. Our integrated marketing solutions and social strategies mesh seamlessly with any clients objectives.

Event Execution

Mega has successfully performed over 12,000 promotional activations since 2004. From major product launches, high profile nightlife initiatives and mobile tours (to name a few), we’ve been the face of brands you’ve grown familiar with. We provide timely measured deliverables which yield a customized narrative for any client to build from.

Digital Solutions

Mega is a publisher and supplier of all digital media platforms. We provide video, display and mobile content customized to meet and exceed any client’s goals. You’ll find our CPM pricing highly competitive amongst the competition.


Mega is an industry leader in the field of experiential business strategies. Our mission is to provide the most in depth analytics to empower clients in making educated decisions. Some areas of expertise include but aren’t limited to technology and consumer packaged goods with a focus on beverage marketing.